The reign of Queen Elizabeth, which has ruled for 70 years, has come to an end as of today.  Undoubtedly, every death is painful for the loved ones and relatives left behind.  Let’s see how this loss triggered by the pisces full moon is shaped in the chart of his son, Prince Charles.

As you can see from the Prince Charles chart, he has Scorpio sun, his Moon sign is Taurus, and his rising sign is Leo.  In the chart of fixed signs, the Moon is in Taurus and is placed on the top of the chart at the 10th house. The moon represents the mother in astrology.  In other words, the mother’s character who is working very hard, authoritative and has a very important figure in one’s life!  And also the queen herself is a sun Taurus sign.
The Moon and North node conjunction in the natal chart reveals the nature of Charles’ mother, who directs, controls and guides him in his life.  His Sun sign is in Scorpio and positions in the 4th house which shows his intense emotions and ambitious and his destructive side when necessary, are also emphasized by the Sun-Pluto square.  Of course, this energy also sheds light on Charles’ difficult relationship with his father, as the Sun is the father symbol in astrology.
You can see at the attached chart that the north lunar node (currently at 15 degrees) in transit in the 10th house is conjuncting with Charles’ natal north node.  While this conjunction, which we will interpret as karmic and fateful entitlement, offers Charles the opportunity to become a king, on the one hand, the south node passing through his 4th house and activates his Sun also showing the lost in the family.
Of course, there is a lot to say about transits at the moment. The chart that forces radical changes such as transiting Saturn – natal Sun square, transiting Saturn – natal Pluto opposition, transiting Uranus – natal Sun opposition, transiting lunar nodes – natal pluto square brings Charles the long-awaited royal position with an experience a great transformation.  Saturn – Uranus square gives its place to the new!
When it comes to the effects of the Pisces full moon, Mars, the 10th house ruler representing the mother, squares the full moon, while the Sun, the representative of the rising sign, takes a trine aspect.  It’s the rise from chaos.  While an era is closing in his life, a completely new era begins suddenly with the influence of Uranus!
Finally, I would like to talk about the transit of the chiron.  In mythology, Chiron is a god whose upper part is a human and lower part is a horse.  He is injured, but he cannot heal his wound despite trying many methods and he is in a lot of pain.  That is why we have wounds in the area where chiron falls in our chart, and it is only by helping others that we heal both their wounds and our own.
Currently, the transit chiron is on the 10th house line of Charles, conjuct with the MC.  This point represents both her mother and her career.  In addition to the fact that the loss of her mother is very painful and deepens his wounds, it also signals that he will be healing his career, which has been scarred for years, by sitting in the royal office.
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