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A wandering soul who has come to experience many different journeys in a single lifetime…


My Sun sign is Gemini, my Moon sign is Sagittarius, and my Ascendant is Leo. Fire and air elements are high in my birth chart. My life journey extends from the south node Capricorn to the north node Cancer. This shows that my life purpose has a great interest in the unknown, loves to communicate, travel, see and know different cultures, be flexible, share what I know with others and take care of their needs. Just as in my life plan, I continue my life journey with my dear husband David and our two children, Maya and Alexander, in different countries of the world, including Ireland, England, Germany and Indonesia up to now…

Now briefly my journey from past to present…

I was born in Istanbul, Turkey as the first child of a chemical engineer father and a pharmacist mother. I have a sister. After graduating from the Department of American Language and Literature, I started working in the private sector. Simultaneously, I completed my MBA master’s degree and continued my career with international companies. I have been living abroad since 2011. Among my areas of interest are astrology, different cultures and languages, alternative medicine, interior design and decoration, healthy nutrition, energy, and healing studies.

I became interested in astrology at a young age through my mother. The Moon represents the mother in astrology and my moon sign is in Sagittarius in my chart and points to the interest of astrology. My north node is Cancer, and it is placed in the 12th house of my chart which represents interest of unknown, spirituality, layers of soul, unity and helping others emotional level.

Our journey is from the south node to the north node in life. The north node shows our life purpose and takes time to shows itself. In my case, it shows that my career meant to transfer itself from corporate life to astrology and spirituality to be able to help others to understand themselves at a deeper level.

From this point of view, I can say that while my mother gave me astrological information about my personality and my future through my birth chart, she triggered a subject that I already knew unconsciously would be my destiny. So, astrology was just waiting for me to concentrate on it as a profession in my life.

I took my first professional step into astrology in 2008 at ‘Göklerin Bilgeliği Astroloji Okulu’, in Istanbul Turkey. Then I continued with the London School of Astrology and numerous esoteric and karma-based trainings I have received so far. My sense of curiosity and desire to deepen my ​​knowledge of astrology has grown over time and since 2016 it has become an indispensable part of my life and my profession.

In astrology, each birth chart is unique and contains very valuable information about every aspect of our lives. Therefore, each chart should be examined individually to get clear answers.

If you would like to learn the details of your birth chart and find answers to the bigger questions in your life, I will be happy to assist you.

With Love,
Işıl Nolan

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