Natal Chart Reading & Annual Astrology Forecast

What is a Natal Chart and Annual Forecast Consultation?

‘An astrological consultation is a professional service that analyses a person’s unique natal chart, like a fingerprint, providing in-depth information and guidance on various aspects of their life.’

This service helps individuals better understand their character traits, talents, potential challenges, life purpose and facilitates easier attainment of these goals. Additionally, it offers future predictions, supporting the individual in making more informed and prepared decisions.


What are the Objectives of an Astrological Consultation?

Personal Awareness: A person’s natal chart is created based on the positions of the planets at the time of their birth. This chart reveals the person’s strengths and weaknesses, talents, and potentials.

Guidance and Direction: Provides individual guidance in various areas of life (career, relationships, health & finance etc.)

It identifies areas where one is likely to succeed and areas that require caution.

Future Predictions: Using multiple astrological techniques, detailed predictions are made, offering insights into potential opportunities and challenges the client may face in the current period and future. These predictions help the client make more informed decisions.


How Does the Astrological Consultation Process Work?

Gathering Preliminary Information: The birth date (day, month, year), birth time, and place of birth are crucial for creating a natal chart. If you are unsure of your birth time, a separate consultation called rectification should be done beforehand. Please specify the reasons for wanting astrological consultation and your questions.

Preparation and Analysis of the Chart: Using the information and questions provided by you, I will prepare and analyse your natal chart in detail with various techniques.

Consultation Session: The session is usually conducted online via Skype or Zoom. The consultation begins with an analysis of the natal chart, followed by annual forecasts and answers to individual questions.


What to Expect from an Astrological Consultation?

An Astrological consultation is a comprehensive service that helps individuals better understand themselves, realize their potential, and take more informed steps towards the future. This process enhances personal awareness and facilitates better decision-making in various areas of life.

Short Consultation (1 Hour)

– Quick analysis of personal traits, talents, and challenges.

– Focus on a specific topic (e.g., career, relationship, health).

– Brief information on annual forecasts.

Objective of the Consultation:

 – Provide quick and concise information.

 – Focus on a single topic.

Comprehensive Consultation (2.5 Hours)

– Detailed analysis and guidance of the natal chart.

– Detailed information and awareness on all areas of life.

– Month-by-month annual forecasts.

– Detailed answers to individual questions and possible solutions.

Objective of the Consultation:

– The client gains a deeper understanding of their character, talents, strengths, and weaknesses.

– Provides clear information on life purpose and ways to achieve it.

– Provides information on lucky times, areas of challenge, and focal points for the coming year.

– Identify practical solutions and suggestions for potential challenges and problems.

– Provides guidance on short, medium, and long-term goals and planning.

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