Rectification (Birth Time Identification)

What is a rectification and what is the required information?

Rectification is the study of confirming the time of birth by obtaining information about important dates in their lives from people who do not know the exact time of birth.

Your birth time is very important in examining your individual birth chart. All predictions are directly linked to the minute-to-minute accuracy of birth time. With this study, when the person experienced something important in his life such as marriage, childbirth, start date of a job etc., the planet positions of the event is examined in detailed and the trigger point in the individual birth chart is tried to be determined.

It is a work that requires a lot of detail, attention, and experience. For example, the person got married on the date “x”, had a child on the date “y”, and started a new job on the date “z”. In the light of all this information, the person’s birth time is rearranged on the individual birth chart to give us this information. The more data an astrologer has while doing rectification work, the healthier the result will be.

The information required for the rectification is listed below. Please answer the questions that apply to you.

  • Dates of admission to a school and graduation.
  • Employment and graduation dates.
  • Marriage, divorce, start and end dates of a long relationship.
  • Dates of death of close family members.
  • Dates of a major surgery, accident, or life-threatening event.
  • Moving, changes in location and country, dates of real estate purchases and sales.