The beautiful Aphrodite will visit Cancer from June 17 to July 11. During this period, love, romance, comfort, and the pleasures of life will be intertwined with Cancer’s soft, affectionate, compassionate, and emotional nature. Our family, loved ones, and home will be in the spotlight. We might feel the urge to beautify our homes, renovate, move to a more comfortable place, spend more time with family and loved ones, host large gatherings, and cook delicious meals. As our appetite may increase during this period, it will be important to maintain balance.

In this time when our relationships will be prominent, we may become more protective of our loved ones, with loyalty, commitment, and emotional security taking center stage.

Another symbolism of Venus is money and finance. During this period, our expenditures may be more focused on our family and loved ones. We might consider buying or selling real estate, decorating our homes, and avoiding risky investments in favor of long-term, secure investments. Supporting those in need will also become more significant.

Key aspects of Venus in Cancer during this period:

June 17-18: Venus-Mercury Conjunction: Favorable for investments, agreements, signatures, and a polite and conciliatory attitude in communication.
June 26: Venus Square North Node: A time for fateful decisions in relationships and reevaluating our material and spiritual values.
June 28: Venus Sextile Mars: A passionate and harmonious period in relationships. In financial matters, it’s a favorable time for making decisive and practical steps.
July 2: Venus Trine Saturn: A period where we seek stability and security in our work life, relationships, and financial matters. This transit will facilitate strengthening emotional bonds and fulfilling responsibilities with ease.
July 6: Venus Square Chiron: A few days where we need to confront our emotional wounds in relationships. This period may bring old wounds to the surface but also offers opportunities for healing and developing empathy.
July 10-11: Venus Trine Neptune: A time when we form deep connections in emotional and romantic relationships, enhancing romance, imagination, and creativity.






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