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The New Moon on July 6th will occur on the fixed star Sirius and will herald fortunate and joyful beginnings for many of us!

Sirius is one of the brightest stars you can see when you look up at the sky and is often associated with power, wealth, leadership, and protection.

While New Moons represent new beginnings, the New Moon in Cancer will bring developments related to emotional beginnings, family matters, our home, innovations about our household, and our quest for inner security. This period might be particularly suitable for making significant steps in family relationships and our living space. Additionally, with the influence of the fixed star Sirius, it is possible for our leadership abilities and personal power to increase in the area represented by Cancer in our individual charts.

New Moon periods are typically ideal for setting intentions and making new beginnings. Therefore, this New Moon conjunct with Sirius marks a powerful time to set big and meaningful goals. Hence, try to use July 6th and the following week wisely by planning well and taking action.

During the New Moon, the harmonious aspect between Mars and Saturn will also reflect on the New Moon degree and Venus. With the energy of Mars and the discipline of Saturn, we can take solid and determined steps, especially in our personal relationships and emotional and family matters, and experience beautiful beginnings regarding our career and financial goals. The projects we start with the motivation of Mars and the determination of Saturn are likely to be long-lasting and profitable.

Aries: New beginnings in family and home life, changes in the home, opportunities to buy or sell real estate, move, or strengthen family bonds.

Taurus: Innovations in communication, education, and close relationships; short trips, commercial ventures, signatures, or matters related to siblings may come to the fore.

Gemini: New beginnings in financial matters, opportunities to increase income sources, and enhance financial security.

Cancer: Personal development, changes in image and appearance, feeling stronger and more secure in personal relationships.

Leo: Inner discoveries, subconscious work, and spiritual renewal; hidden issues coming to light.

Virgo: New beginnings in social circles, friendships, and community projects; developments in hopes and dreams for the future.

Libra: New steps in career, social status, and long-term goals; opportunities for advancement in the professional field.

Scorpio: New beginnings in higher education, travel, and beliefs; personal development and the pursuit of adventure.

Sagittarius: New strategies related to joint finances, debts, and inheritances; opportunities for emotional and financial transformation.

Capricorn: New beginnings in relationships and partnerships; new periods in marriage or business partnerships.

Aquarius: Innovations in work and health matters; changes in daily routines and new decisions related to health.

Pisces: New beginnings in creativity, love, and matters related to children; dedicating more time to hobbies and entertainment.

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