Solar eclipses cause events that can sometimes be seen as destiny to affect our lives and create new beginnings and brand-new opportunities suddenly and unexpectedly. Solar eclipses make us pay attention to areas in our lives that need to be changed and rebuilt. If a solar eclipse is aspected by a major planet or axis in your chart, change is inevitable.
We might be faced with the situation of adapting to the new environment before we understand what it is going on. Sometimes, we may feel fear or anxiety because it is an area we have never experienced before.
The solar eclipse, which will take place on October 25 with the conjunction of Venus in 2nd degree of Scorpio, will have very strong and transformative effects. It will cause great changes in our individual relationships, material and intangible values.
The series of eclipses in Scorpio and Taurus began on November 19, 2021 and will continue for 18 months from this date. A series of eclipses in fixed signs triggers great changes, anything that goes wrong in our life will transform something new. We may have a hard time embracing the new but the eclipse will force us to do so.
As we are about to change our comfort zones of course it is not possible to say that it is an easy time. However, it is time to sweep away all the partnerships and private relationships that have dragged us down and have been in a back-and-forth position for a long time. 
We might find ourselves at beginning of a new milestone. This eclipse will bring our deepest wounds to surface that we do not want to show to anyone or that we are afraid to face it.
With the effect of eclipse, we will hit the bottom and push our feet upwards at that speed. The main theme of the eclipse will be peace and happiness which is coming from the chaos in the long run.
Another important planet in this eclipse is Mars, the ruling planet of the eclipse, and it is preparing to go retrograde on October 30th in Gemini.
As Mars goes retrograde in Gemini, we may find ourselves struggling, fighting or dealing with Gemini related issues. We will mainly focus on communication, network, digital, social media, domestic market and trade, automotive sector, transportation, aviation, travel, neighbors and siblings and education.
Mars is squared from Neptune retrograde during the eclipse. It means that we will hesitate to take a step, new beginnings may remain uncertain, the consequences of our past actions may be revealed, scandals, deceptions and dubious situations may arise.
Under the effects of the eclipse, we may feel that our energy has really decreased and we cannot gather our courage or make some decisions we are unsure of.
As Mars goes retrograde, the best thing to do is to carefully evaluate the consequences of the steps we have taken in the past and try to remain calm. Since it is a period that we can easily get angry we should focus on spending our energy and motivation on the right communication techniques. It will be all about getting information, learning and spreading it in the right way. Those who act truthfully and honestly will win in the long run.
Neptune and Mars square aspects can be interpreted as confusion in the stock markets and an unreal increase in inflation rates. We should be aware of market manipulations during next couple of months.
Also, please pay attention that transiting Mars is related to stock market activity and especially the slowing down before retrograding (between 25-30th of October) is related to negative movements in stock markets.
Because Neptune is also related to oil, pharmaceuticals and narcotics the Solar eclipse may trigger some behind-the-scenes events and irrational increases in oil and drug prices.
Antiscia point of Gemini is Cancer sign which has a strong emphasize on security issues. It means that while Mars is transiting in Gemini it will show that we will be looking for financial security but have difficulty in finding it. We might go through a time where issues related to national security, national defense and internal affairs will be on the agenda.
We can expect that the tension between Ukraine and Russia might increase a lot till the middle of January 2023. (Especially, the period Mars will go retrograde from 30th of October 2022 till 10th of January 2023)
However, the positive aspects from Mercury will remind us of the importance of establishing of effective communication with others. It will be a quite busy time for communicating and networking. Some important news might come that we need to think carefully but we may find it difficult to take actions.
Pluto, another guiding planet of the eclipse, is at 26 degrees Capricorn and square aspect with Mercury. We should be careful what we say and how we say it. There might be insufficient information we have been told and we feel the urge for digging deeper to reveal secrets and scandals.
There is a fixed star Princeps at the 2 degrees of Scorpio where the eclipse will take place. This is a lucky fixed star. It is like Mercury and Saturn. It gives success in business, law, science and art. The highlight is that this is a serious detective star.
But unfortunately, Venus and Moon conjunction with Princeps is weak and harmful. It might cause crime scenes and serious problems with the women and the mother figures.
The eclipse is visible from most of Europe, northern Africa, the Middle East, and western parts of Asia. It has very strong effects especially on Russia and Kazakhstan.
You can check the link below to see the map of eclipse.
The eclipse is taking place in your 8th house. It is all about your financial situation, joint earnings, debts and receivables, banking transactions, partnerships and your spouse’s or partner’s financial situation, inheritance, alimony, crisis situations, surgeries and sexuality.

The ruling planet of the eclipse, Mars, is preparing to go retrograde in your 3rd house. Getting organized can be difficult. Plans may come to the fore mentally rather than action.

Before signing on anything, check it carefully and pay attention to the details as it can cost you money. Your relationship with your siblings, cousins, neighbours will draw attention. Old problems may come to the fore. During this time, it may be difficult to keep the promises made, especially you may not complete what you want to do. As Mars is also your ruling planet, you will need to be very patient in the next 3 months.

The solar eclipse that takes place in your 7th house, which represents your relationships and partnerships, will lead you to new decisions and steps. 

Some Taurus will end their relationship, while for others there will be new beginnings. But of course, it should not be forgotten that every end is a new beginning. Your ruling planet Venus is in full conjunction with the degree of eclipse, it means that it will transform you individually through relationships and your earnings.

The ruling planet of the eclipse, Mars, is preparing to go retrograde in the 2nd house of your chart. This area represents both your tangible and intangible resources. This means that there may be some situations where you will act impulsively on both counts. There may be some delays or loses related to your earnings. You might be afraid to take risks. You may adopt a much more skeptical and questioning attitude.

The solar eclipse that will take place in the 6th house of your charts will cause new beginnings in your daily routine. There might be new decisions, beginning and endings regarding your work environment, colleagues, projects you work on, jobs, and your health.
The ruler of the eclipse, Mars, is preparing to go retrograde in your sign.
Mars retrograde in the 1st house may cause some problems with your energy, motivation and activity. You may need to pay more attention than usual to clumsiness, accidents or minor injuries. You may want to make changes regarding your physical appearance, but it is better to postpone it till the mid January.
The eclipse comes with good news for those who want a new love affair in their life. If you are already single, you can start a brand new relationship. If you are already in a relationship, new decisions will excite you. The 5th house is also about children. New babies, pregnancy news, and new steps in your children’s life will be highlighted.

Due to Mars retrograde in your 12th house, you can direct your energy to your subconscious and inner motivation instead of actively revealing it in the outside world. There may be situations that will cause you to hide some disappointments and anger inside. It is time to look at your life from the outside and make an assessment. Leave the new steps to January and beyond.

The solar eclipse will take place in the 4th house of your birth chart which is representing your family, home and home environment. Buying or selling properties, renovations, moving, some important decisions within the family and money-related issues will attract the attention. You might take some responsibility for family elders.
Mars will go retrograde in the 11th house of your chart. There might be some obstacles or confusion related to your income. If you are expecting a pay rise, it might be delayed. There might be some misunderstandings or tensions in social organizations, your circle of friends or groups. Try to be positive and motivate yourself especially in groups to be able to reach your goals.
The solar eclipse is taking place in your 3rd house. With the strong effect of the Solar eclipse, get ready to have a brand-new start and decisions in your life related to communication, agreements, trade, travels, education and siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles or neighbors. A new car, a new course or a new travel opportunity may arise.
The fact that Mars, the ruler of the eclipse, will go retrograde in the 10th house of your chart will draw attention to some exciting and challenging environments regarding your career. During the next couple of months, you may want to take more cautious steps than usual but please make sure not to miss any opportunities. In your business life, you should pay attention to your communication with your superiors and ‘being patient’ will be the key point.
The eclipse will take place in the 2nd house of your chart which represents your material possessions and income. Buying or selling something, investing or spending money on goods, beauty, luxury items or real estate will be on your agenda.
Mars will go retrograde in your 9th house of your birth chart which may cause some delays in travels, tension and action with foreign partnerships, trading, law and legal fields. There might be some doubts and unrest in your mind about whether to implement your plans or not. Try to calm down and observe before taking  any action.
The eclipse in the first house will draw attention to the very important decisions you will make on the individual side and your private relationship. You might go through a process where you need to set your priorities well and reveal your identity firmly. This is the time you will remind yourself and your partner that ‘I am who I am’.  It might be a good time to take care of yourself and your your health more closely.
Mars will go retrograde in the 8th house of your chart. This is a period when your economic situation will draw a lot of attention. It may cause you to experience crises and problems in joint earnings and belongings with your private or business partner. Money related issues may arise such as inheritance, alimony, tax, debts, bonus, loans or your banking passwords and security etc. Medical surgeries can be on your agenda. You should be more cautious before you take any step related to money.
Eclipses in the twelfth house emphasize the spiritual transformation. Your dreams can be quite realistic. As 12th house of the birth chart is related to hidden things and enemies, you might become aware of something that was previously hidden from you or that you were unaware of. This is a good time to observe and think rather than take an action. You might need to take care of your health more closely.
Mars will go retrograde in your 7th house this will draw an attention to your private life and partnerships. For the next few months, you may choose to fight passive-aggressively instead of sharing your thoughts with your spouse or partner directly. Being Zen will help you get through the situation with ease.
The eclipse that takes place in the 11th house of your birth chart is related to your close friends, work or private groups or associations you are affiliated with. During the next couple of months, you may have some exciting opportunities within these groups. You might set new goals and take new steps for your future. You might hear some good news related to your earnings.
Mars will go retrograde in the 6th house of your chart which is about your daily routine at your office or home environment. During this time, you should try to be calm and avoid any unnecessary arguments with your co-workers. It might be a quite busy time and you need to be more aware of details and take steps very carefully. This might make you feel reluctant to take risks at your work environment. You might need to take care of your health more closely.
The eclipse will take place in the 10th house of your birth chart. You are in a very important period of your life where some endings and beginnings may occur in your career or private life.
For some Aquarius signs, there may be changes in their social status like getting married or divorced or it also might be a period open to significant changes and transformations in the life of your spouse or partner.
Mars retrograde in your 5th house may prevent you from expressing yourself exactly as you want in your private life, love relationships, sexuality or issues related to your children. You may experience tensions in your relationships.
Some Aquarius signs may get news from their ex-relationships but it is better to be cautions before step forward. Problems may arise in gambling or speculative trading.
The eclipse will take place in your 9th house and will bring some positive news and new beginnings regarding foreigners, commerce, travel, courts, education and faith. Whatever is going on in your life right now will help you look at life from a different perspective.

Mars will retrograde in the 4th house of your chart and may highlight some issues related to your home and family relationships.During this time, you may be prone to be overly emotional and reach to events in your family. Past issues can come to the table but you may hesitate to take a step or not. You can move or renovate your home, buy or sell a property.

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