Saturn is the lord of Karma and the theme of Saturn in Capricorn is like a strict teacher who is traditionalist, serious, hardworking, perseverant, gives solid lessons, challenges, occasionally hurts but his aim is to teach. He rewards those who do their job well and is actually just as loving under that harsh appearance.

Capricorn is about governments, business, CEOs, executives in astrology, the economic crisis, territorial integrity, dominant and oppressive administrations, corporate bankruptcies and economic crisis.  All those have been the theme of this current time and will continue to show the effects until mid-December 2020.
Saturn will be transiting in Aquarius between March 22 and July 2 and retrograde to Capricorn, giving us one last chance to complete our last remaining work on the Capricorn theme until December 17, 2020.
Yes, as of March 22, Saturn will be bringing a brand-new energy by July 3rd and will offer us a trailer of what we will experience between December 2020 and March 2023 during this 3-month period. Saturn is a ruler planet in Aquarius and has a strong position here. In other words, he is at home and comfortable. It means that Saturn will be powerfull, it behaves as it wants, and it has the power to reveal its essence positively or negatively.
Aquarius is an air sign in astrology and it is closely related to unity, freedom, human rights, freedom of expression, strikes, riots, assassinations, marginalized people and leaders, groups, friends, teamwork, technology, geniuses, inventions, scientists, astrology, space studies, Ufoes, aviation industry, planes, pilots, hoses, major weather events, radio and TV, internet and social media related topics, digital money, etc.
This means that during the period of Saturn in Aquarius, we should take responsibility for all those themes above, act principally and stand behind. It is important to say “us” rather than “I”. During this time, Saturn wants to teach us the humanism which we should embrace the principles of social awareness and equality and act for the society, it is key to improve our collective minds for whole. Aquarius wants everyone to have equal rights regardless of race, gender or social situation.
During the Saturn transit, we will be all challenged in different subjects. Whatever area, the Saturn transit of Aquarius, is in your individual charts, it is vital to observe the rights of others and to  make a decision by considering the goodness of the whole. Also, please bear in mind that, during this time, Saturn will continue to warn us harshly in our selfish decisions.
Now let’s take a look at the process we pass through at the moment. Do you already feel the Saturn Aquarius effects?
With the chaos caused by the corona virus, we all have to close ourselves into our houses, the whole world is under quarantine, our freedoms have been restricted, technology is central to our lives (working from home, home schooling, online shopping, online gatherings), people are afraid to touch money physically. Do you think it is the time when the digital money usage would begin to spread?
Did you pay attention that the concept which has already started to emerge between the societies?
Teamwork, solidarity, community awareness, the idea of being “ONE”.  Aid groups in social media are offering help to those who cannot go shopping due to health issues or age, increased solidarity between neighbours, all countries unite with the same goal all over the world. Actually, we have started to realize that we are one humanity, everyone is at the same ship, ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE.
We also are faced with the fact that the aviation industry has been significantly affected, the world economy has been severely damaged. All this happening at the moment is harshly showing all of us the fact that we are at the end of the old-world system…
During Saturn-Aquarius period, because of the massive economic crisis and unemployment in the world more restrictions may be imposed on our social rights and freedoms and there might even be some radical regulations, which can cause popular movements, strikes and conflicts around the world. We might experience a lot of public uprising and more organized actions against the old-world order, capitalism, and harsh forms of governments. Also, we can        encounter extremely oppressive, highly sanctioned and revolutionary decisions of countries seeking solutions for issues such as economic crisis, immigration crisis, border security.
Saturn transit in Aquarius may bring more interventions and restrictions against women’s and LGBT lifestyles to our agenda. Also, we maybe witnessing the counter and marginal views reveal itself strongly. For example, the steps can be taken to legalise the X as the 3rd sex. In countries with significant violations of women’s rights, rigorous measures can be taken in return for riots in the name of equality and freedom. We can meet the new leaders and human rights defenders that will be memorable and symbolic in the future.
Science, technology and space studies are closely related to Aquarius. In this process, the new inventions will create big changes in our lives. Humanity may take more obvious steps about life on other planets, may experience concrete facts about extraterrestrial beings on other planets, internet and social media restrictions, internet security violations (hacking), new      rules and restrictions by technology companies. In conclusion, theradical changes and transformations may occur.
The World Wide Web, namely “www”, which changed the fate of the world and caused a new era to begin in the previous Aquarius sign of Saturn, appeared on August 6, 1991, 25 years ago.
In the field of medicine, we are entering a new era with innovations   that include technology, new devices, new inventions. By collecting data from users with smart devices or chip technology to detect diseases that have not yet occurred and warn the owner may be the subject during this period.
We will be moving towards a more robotic world order, where we will see artificial intelligence more in our lives. Traveling with autonomous vehicles may be another development that will start in this time.
At the same time, we can hear quick solutions for drugs or vaccines for the corona virus as of this week when Saturn moved to  Aquarius.
Aquarius stands for revolution. So, wait for the unexpected!
With Jupiter moving to Aquarius on 20 December 2020, Jupiter and Saturn will meet in Aquarius. With this conjunction, the Aquarius Saturn effect will begin very sharply at the beginning of next year and with the square angle to Aquarius’s ruling planet Uranus, the effects will climb sharply in January / February 2021. The Saturn / Jupiter    conjunction shows that we have come to the end of the old system, that the transformation and change has started, but Uranus’s position shows us that it won’t be that easy. The old and the new will clash with the breaking. Jupiter represents the new in astrology, tells about expansion and growth, looks ahead, Saturn is the old and traditional, while Uranus as the representative planet of the Aquarius, again favors the marginal and represents sudden, unexpected events. If you would like to get some clues about whatever will happen in our lives at the beginning of next year, pay attention the dates of 21 March to 3 July 2020. We will be watching the trailer.
You can check the bottom of the page to see what happened while Saturn was transiting in Aquarius in the past.
Get ready for innovations in your life in matters related to your friends, your social environment, the groups you are a part of. In this process, you may end your relationship with some of your friends that you think who create restrictions in your life. Your plans for the future are changing, the events you are experiencing may radically change the  direction of your future. It is important to act principally, to respect the rights of others, to prioritize not only yourself, but also everyone’s priorities in groups, to consider the whole when making decisions and to take steps accordingly.
Time to shine in your career dear Taurus, you are in a process where your responsibilities will increase, you will work harder and you need to care more about team spirit. There may be innovations and unexpected changes in your workplace. You are in a process where you impose your ideas more than ever and need new updated more   than ever. Team spirit is critical, it’s time to unite to climb the career ladder.
You are in a process where your perspective towards life changes. The events you have experienced in your life on behalf of your freedom can take you completely different steps by turning you from your previous path. This process will bring new educational opportunities to many Gemini. Some Geminis may start a program like masters or doctorate and take responsibility, while some Geminis may decide to learn a new language. Traveling abroad, foreign countries and distant places may cause important experiences in your life. In addition, there may be some restrictions on legal matters and fighting for the rights, law and justice.
You may experience some restrictions or problems with your spouse’s earnings and debts, the loans you are liable to pay, taxes, insurance related matters, heritage, etc. While the difficulties with these issues  affect your life, you will discover brand new ways out. You are in a process where you will experience more standing by yourself by eliminating the situations that restrict you. Pay attention to your spending and investments.
You are entering a period where your marriage and partnerships may be tested. In this process, you can decide to end your relationships that you think has brought you down. Some Leos may make a marriage decision at the expense of their freedom. It is a process where important steps will be taken in order to be “us” rather than the theme of the self. For this reason, it will be important concepts to  prioritise equality in bilateral relations, to understand the other side’s  point of view and to respect the field of personal freedom.
Be prepared for new responsibilities in your daily routine, especially with regard to your business life. You may feel more busy and tired than ever. Take care of your health and take time for yourself. It is time to get rid of unnecessary work in your daily routine that you think has no contribution to you, you may encounter obstacles while doing  this but do not give up. It’s time to streamline your business. Also, your health draws attention, it will be extremely convenient to have all the necessary controls, to leave bad habits if any and add a new sport or diet program into your life.
You are entering a process where you will undergo tests about your love relationships, romance, children, hobbies, gambling and entertainment. You are at times when you have to face and find a solution in which your problems can no longer be pushed under the carpet. Some Libras will say either “stop” or “continue”. You can take on new  responsibilities in matters concerning your children’s lives, maybestart a new activity and think that this restricts your freedom. Keep in mind that gambling in this process will not bring any benefit. You can pull out a new hobby that will benefit you and those around you, a hobby that will reveal your creativity.
During this process, the issues that concern your family, home and parents will fill your agenda. You can take responsibility for your family elders. Some Scorpios may encounter problems with their houses. You are at work more than ever to solve these problems in your home or family environments. You may feel trapped in this process, but not trying to escape and trying to produce solutions by thinking other than yourself will make your job easier. Some Scorpios can experience a   new addition to their families.
In this process, the topics related to how you communicate, how you  express yourself to the outside world and how you think will attract attention. You may feel restricted and blocked about communicating  with others. You may have to change your old style of communication and avoid misunderstandings. In this process, some Sagittarius can   sign new commercial agreements and increase their responsibilities. Matters that involve responsibilities in your siblings and your immediate environment may attract attention, pay attention to communication problems.
You are entering a process where your material and spiritual resources will be tested, you need to regulate your income and discipline your expenses. In addition, this process will be closely related to your confidence and the value you give yourself. Understanding that your   self-worth is not equivalent to materiality you will experience that your bank account is not related to your self-worth. You can find new methods of making money, especially if you concentrate on methods  that will benefit the whole, obstacles will lose their importance.
You are entering a very important process and a new 30-year period  begins in your lives. Saturn enters the space that tells you, your identity, your appearance, your vitality, your identity. It will be beneficial for you to reveal your essence and to progress in line with  your own wishes and goals, but still by considering the rights of others. Your bilateral relations will be particularly emphasized, the balance of the I-us. You are in a process where you have to work decisively and principledly to build a solid foundation where you will    take responsibility for the important dynamics of your life. Feeling of freedom and restraint may be at the forefront more than ever. Put yourself out and don’t compromise on your goals.
This process will be an ideal process for your spiritual transformation and renewal. You can go more inward and look for a new way through spiritual studies. This process can be thought of as being isolated in a sense, it may be a state of physical withdrawal, or it may be retreated spiritually. Because your health issues are likely to attract attention, some of your fears may increase. In this process, it will be good to focus on your spiritual development, meditate, deal with mystical issues, help those in need, and work for the benefit of the whole.
What happened in the history while Saturn is transiting in Aquarius?
• January 18, 1991 Iraq launched a Scud missile in Tel Aviv and Haifa, Israel.
• February 16, 1991 7 thousand gays held a big rally in London Hyde Park.
• The April 1, 1991 Warsaw Pact was dissolved.
• The tornado that took place in Bangladesh on April 29, 1991 caused at least 138,000 deaths and 10 million homelessness.
• May 21, 1991 Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, the son of Indra Gandhi, was killed by a suicide bomber at a rally.
• August 24, 1991 USSR President Mihail Gorbachev asked for the dissolution of the Communist Party and resigned from the party’s secretary general. On the same day, Estonia, Latvia and Ukraine declared independence. The process of disintegration of the Soviet Union began.
• September 5, 1991 Nelson Mandela was elected president in South Africa.
• Nearly 7,000 people died in the flood in the Philippines on November 5, 1991.
• December 1, 1991 Nursultan Nazarbayev became the first president elected by the public by taking 98.7% of the votes.
• 1500 people died in the earthquake in Indonesia on 12 December 1991.
• December 21, 1991 Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan leaders came together to end the Soviet Union and the Commonwealth of Independent Commonwealth of Independent States) that they have established.
• February 4, 1992 Hugo Chávez made an unsuccessful coup attempt against Venezuelan President Carlos Andrés Pérez.
• March 18, 1992 The constitutional reform bill that was granted equal citizenship to black people in South Africa and planned by President Frederik Willem de Klerk was accepted by public vote
• In the public uprising in Los Angeles on April 29, 1992, 54 people died, and hundreds of buildings were destroyed in three days.
• A referendum was held in Denmark on 2 June 1992. The Maastricht Agreement, which lays down the principles of the European Union, was rejected.
• June 29, 1992 Algerian President Muhammed Budiaf was assassinated and died.
• September 9, 1992 Spain recognized the autonomy of the Catalonia Region.
• September 28, 1992 European Union was established.
• May 3, 1993 The United Nations decided to celebrate May 3 as World Press Freedom Day every year on December 20, 1993.
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