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Roman mythology, Jupiter, known as Zeus in Greek mythology, is the god of gods and the greatest, ruler of the heavens, and representative of abundance and prosperity. It is the largest planet in our solar system, easily noticeable in the sky due to its brightness. It completes its tour in the zodiac in about 1 year. Thus, each sign benefits from Jupiter’s blessings, luck, and abundance every 12 years. Jupiter magnifies the good or bad qualities of the sign it enters, bringing them more into focus.

Jupiter is associated with growth, expansion, knowledge, wisdom, learning, teaching, justice, beliefs, philosophies, travel, conscience, compassion, and generosity. In our individual birth charts, the area where Jupiter falls shows the fortunate areas of our lives, how we are protected, and what we should focus on to expand and grow. For example, a person with Jupiter in Cancer tends to be loving, compassionate, and overly protective of their loved ones, while someone with Jupiter in Libra is successful and interested in relationships, justice, balance, and art.

On May 26th, Jupiter will enter the sign of Gemini until May 10, 2025. Let’s take a deep look at what Jupiter’s new journey will bring to us personally and collectively.

Jupiter in astrology is associated with expansion, growth, opportunities, abundance, while Gemini is ruled by Mercury and is associated with communication, messaging, education, learning, intelligence, travel, trade, curiosity, and adaptability.

Jupiter represents Sagittarius and Pisces, so it is not comfortable in Gemini and Virgo, the two signs ruled by Mercury. One of the main reasons is that analytical thinking and logic are predominant in these signs, while beliefs and intuitions are not taken into account when making decisions.

Another reason Jupiter is not comfortable in Gemini is that Gemini deals with superficial knowledge, whereas Sagittarius is interested in in-depth knowledge. Gemini gathers self-sufficient information and sets out to convey it to others without wanting to delve deeply into it.

Therefore, during Jupiter’s journey through Gemini, avoiding superficiality and conducting deeper and more comprehensive research will be much more beneficial to us.

Gemini is about the diversity of ideas, being able to look at events objectively, and the desire to learn. Therefore, communicating extensively and seeing different options to decide on the most logical one will be essential.

So, the key point for the next year is to adapt to change and be open to opportunities with increased flexibility in our communication skills.

During this period, new inventions that facilitate communication and messaging are likely to emerge with the help of technology.

Visionary innovations in the education system, opportunities for personal development, a wide range of academic studies, and being open to different ideas, as well as starting new and creative projects, will be much more prominent.

Being in different communities through travels, meeting new people, and deriving beneficial results from these collaborations may be possible.

New concepts in commercial ventures can be discovered, and you can establish partnerships that broaden your horizons.

Furthermore, since Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, represents young people, we may go through days when young leaders come to the forefront more prominently.

Another important point is to be honest and be able to tell the truth no matter what. Due to Gemini’s flexible and alert nature, truths can sometimes be distorted or events can be viewed from different perspectives, leading to misinformation and information pollution.

During Jupiter’s one-year journey through Gemini, periods when Mercury goes retrograde will emphasize communication, messaging, and travel disruptions, misunderstandings, disagreements, overlooked details, and issues related to justice.

Retrograde Dates:

August 5-29: Leo and Virgo
November 26 – December 15: Sagittarius
March 15 – April 7: Pisces and Aries

Jupiter last passed through Gemini from June 11, 2012, to June 26, 2013. Therefore, we should be open to opportunities, innovations, and developments similar to those we experienced during that period.

Jupiter’s journey through Gemini will primarily positively affect the air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, and then the fire signs Aries and Leo, bringing them opportunities.

Please read your rising sign first!

Aries Sun and Rising:
Your social life and communication regarding personal and business relationships are increasing significantly, dear Aries. Positive developments may occur with your siblings and immediate environment, and reconciliations may take place. Be prepared for new education opportunities, success in existing educational pursuits, blogging, writing books, being active on social media, commercial ventures, profitable partnerships, travel, and preparation for positive opportunities during travel. You may want to invest in a new car.

Taurus Sun and Rising:
You are open to opportunities in financial matters. Through your communication skills and knowledge, you may find new ways to increase your financial gains. You may encounter career opportunities and make profitable investments. However, since this influence may also increase your tendency to spend money, be careful not to spend excessively on luxury and comfort.

Gemini Sun and Rising:
Dear Gemini, after 12 years, the planet of luck and abundance, Jupiter, is back with you. During this period, you will focus much more on yourself and what will make you happier. Your communication and social skills will increase significantly in both private and career areas. You are entering a period where you are open to many innovations and opportunities. You will feel as if your horizons are expanding. Make the most of the tailwind behind you. Also, try not to overindulge during this period, as it may be a time when you are prone to gaining weight.

Cancer Sun and Rising:
This period will increase your potential for inner growth and transformation, so you may focus more on spiritual development. Activities such as helping others, taking care of the needy, praying, meditating, and energy work may come to the forefront. Topics that were previously kept secret or not openly discussed may come to light. Pay attention to your dreams and intuitions as they may be trying to convey messages to you.

Leo Sun and

You are entering a social period where your friends and communities will be very active, and your communication potential will increase. You may interact more with groups, work for their benefit, and stand out in public. You are renewing your future plans. You are in a period where you will be flexible towards all kinds of innovations and find support. Increases in income may be expected.

Virgo Rising:
You are the luckiest in terms of career and social status for the year, dear Virgos! Be prepared for new career opportunities and growth potentials. Your communication skills and knowledge can make you stand out in your career and increase your success. Set your goals correctly, be flexible to change and innovation.

Libra Sun and Rising:
Prepare for innovations and opportunities that will expand your horizons, dear Libras! Opportunities that will grow and diversify your life beyond your expectations may arise. During this period, you may achieve academic success and obtain a new status. Your communication with foreign countries and travels will increase, and you may benefit from the people you meet. Interest in philosophical and religious subjects may increase. If you have pending court cases, you may find positive responses.

Scorpio Sun and Rising:

During this period, you may benefit from shared earnings, inheritance, alimony, bonuses, bank loans, etc. Conducting in-depth research and being open to change will benefit you. You may transform yourself personally and change your perspective. Increases in your partner’s income may be expected. You can establish profitable partnerships.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising:

Long-lasting and committed relationships may begin for single Sagittarians. Many Sagittarians may progress towards marriage. Communication and understanding will increase in your relationships. You are in a period where you need to be open and flexible to innovations. Your desire to learn new things and travel with your partner may increase. You can establish profitable partnerships.

Capricorn Sun and Rising:

You are entering a period where your daily life becomes quite active, offering you opportunities for growth and expansion. Be open to new opportunities in your work life. Your communication and collaboration potential in the workplace are increasing. New career opportunities, innovations in your daily work or living space, new projects, and meeting new people may occur. There may be opportunities for improvements related to your health.

Aquarius Sun and Rising:

Love, romance, and fun are with you, dear Aquarians. You are entering a period where there may be innovations, expansions, and opportunities in your relationships. You may discover new interests in your relationships. Also, there may be more communication, understanding, and excitement in your romantic relationships. You are quite lucky to have the chance to become a parent. Innovations that will expand the horizons of your children’s lives and provide growth opportunities for them may occur.

Pisces Sun and Rising:

There may be opportunities for expansion and growth in matters related to your home, family, and environment. Buying a new house, expanding your home, having new additions to the family, moving, buying and selling real estate may come up. Also, communication within the family may increase, and rational solutions to ongoing problems may be found.

May abundance and prosperity be with you,
Astrologer Işıl Nolan

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