The zodiac sign Scorpio represents personal transformation in astrology. The position of Scorpio and its planets Mars and Pluto in our individual charts shows the intense experiences in our lives which causes crisis from time to time. Depending on which house Scorpio is in your individual chart, we may be more sensitive, controlled, investigative, delusional or anxious.
One of the best words to describe Scorpio is perception.  Scorpio rushes through the truth with his endless energy and he goes till the deepest point. Scorpio transforms himself with the information he receives. He tries to bring sub-consciousness to the level of consciousness. He goes over the taboo subjects in society, does not want to bow down, and pushes the people around him to transform their ideas. He is enthusiastic and determined. Love and life are serious. Any experience in life must be acquired deeply, so that it does not take care of a superficial matter.
Jupiter, as a representative of Sagittarius and Pisces in astrology, symbolizes expansionism, opportunities and luck. Depending on which house Jupiter is in your individual chart, it promises an abundance of luck if it is not under a difficult position.
Jupiter begins his journey in Scorpio, where he will reside for about 13 months, on the 10th of October 2017. With the entrance of Jupiter in Scorpio, we will feel more intense and passionate in our lives (in the areas which is affected in individual charts). Jupiter exaggerates the features of the sign that it enters, in an extreme way. So, Jupiter in Scorpio is a powerful force for a change of life. In this process, we can make breakthroughs and new beginnings that change our lives completely.
The signs will be most positively influenced by Jupiter’s journey in Scorpio will be Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, and Virgo.
Now, let’s read Jupiter’s influences of the Scorpio journey according to your sun sign and your rising sign. Please note that your rising sign will give you a better hint about which areas of your life will be effected in your individual charts. Also, I would like to emphasize the importance of the planetary settlements of Jupiter in individual charts which will give a better indication if this period will pass beneficially or not.
Dear Aries and rising sign Aries, Jupiter will bring an energy to your life with his 13 months’ journey in Scorpio from October 10th, 2017. He will support you for a change, transformation and renewal.
You will be financially supported by others during this period and you can receive some unexpected offers from the people around you to help and support you. If you are planning about getting a loan or looking for an investor, you will find support.
Over the next year, you will be pleased with your increased income as a reward of your increased responsibilities and ambition. In this period, business partnerships established by combining your money with someone else’s money will be profitable and will remind you of this year in the long run.
Scorpio is known to push things to the limit. It shows passion. In this process, you can especially go into the depths of your feelings and want to explore and live up to the end of everything. Your scepticism may increase and you may feel more jealous and possessive.
Dear Taurus and rising sign Taurus, Jupiter will bring an energy to your lives in the field of bilateral relations and partnerships with his 13 months’ journey in Scorpio from October 10th, 2017. Bachelor Taurus can marry this year or you can take your relationships seriously. The married Taurus will have good opportunities to solve their problems with their partners. You will be more in touch with your partner and you will feel more harmony in your relationship.
Do not forget that this year, the bilateral relations feed you and contribute to your development. So please evaluate carefully the proposals for partnerships.
The partner who entered your life in this period may be a person whose family history is much different from yours or a foreign nationality. This person will grow and develop you by nourishing your feelings. Passion, jealousy, excessive possessiveness may be on your agenda.
Dear Gemini and rising Gemini, be ready for the innovations and opportunities in your everyday life from the October 10th of 2017 when Jupiter enters the Scorpio. During this period, you will feel more relaxed and supportive in your work environment.
Your working environment is more fun than ever and can be satisfying to you. You are more in harmony with your colleagues and are more productive with the projects you work with. You can improve your skills, participate in courses or trainings that will help you to contribute to your personal development and promote your position in the business environment.
Your health is also supported in this period, dear Gemini. Especially, if you have been already experiencing some problems and you are under treatment you will feel the support of Jupiter. Be careful not to eat junk food now because you can easily gain weight.

Dear Cancer and the rising Cancer, you will attract the love theme in your life with his 13 months’ journey in Scorpio from October 10th, 2017. If your heart is empty then be ready for a passionate love. In this period, you will enjoy your life and reveal your feelings in deep without any fear. If you have already been in a relationship, there will be times that your relationship will be a fun, harmonious, perhaps even closer to marriage.
Your creative energy is very high in this period. If you are working in a creative field, you will create a very good work and earn more.
Jupiter can bring some good news to Cancer signs who are willing to have babies this year.

Dear Leos and rising Leos, you will begin to feel support from your family, the areas that concern your roots and your house with Jupiter’s one-year journey in Scorpio from the 10th of October 2017.
It is a perfect time, if you want to invest in real estate. You can also decorate your house or you can move into a bigger and more comfortable house.
If there are continuing problems with your family you will find support for resolving them in this period. At the same time, your family will be there to support you and make you feel better. You can expect an expansion in your family during this period.
This transit is a great time for you to develop your confidence and your faith in yourself. You will get support and you’ll get on the top of things.
Dear Virgo and rising sign Virgo, Jupiter has been active in communication part of your life, with the beginning of Jupiter’s 13 months of journey in Scorpio from October 10th, 2017. You will be busy with news, phone calls, mails, all kind of verbal and written communication that will support you during the year and bring new opportunities.
Your mind will be extremely active and you will think deeply with all kind of details. With good research, you can put forward your new ideas that will bring expansion for the future and take some steps to make it work. You have big plans.
Virgos who are looking for a new job, will be open to opportunities such as sales and marketing positions where they will use their verbal skills.
The student Virgos! It is the perfect time to educate yourself on a new field. You can start an education that will bring you a new curriculum or expertise.
Your relationships with your siblings and close relatives will be good now. They will support you and help you to expand.
Dear Libra and rising sign Libra, you will begin to receive support on the grounds of financial gains and appreciation of value together with the beginning of Jupiter’s 13 months’ journey in Scorpio from 10th of October 2017.
In this period, you can increase your earnings and you can review and revise your investments. You want to expand and you may have plans to make bigger investments. But keep in mind Jupiter’s ability to go excessively so please make your investment plans with caution.
This field symbolizes the value you give to yourself as well as material values. You are in a year that you will realize your own value and you will find support to grow it easily. You will keep your eyes open and realize the goals that will bring you happiness and harmony in your life and what is valuable and what is not important. This year’s contribution to your personal development will be positive.
Dear Scorpio and rising Scorpio, with the Jupiter 13 months’ journey in your birth sigh in October 10th, 2017, all the signs will begin to show you in a positive way. Finally, you’re on the stage, you’re happy, you’re feeling lucky, and the opportunities are starting to knock on your door one by one. Enjoy itJ
Development, a new cycle, rebirth from your ashes, transformation. These words are not strange to you at all. But this year, you’ll receive very good support in these areas. You will grow up more, you will develop, your goals will become more visible and you will take strong steps and most importantly you will succeed. Your confidence in yourself is extremely strong.
There may be new beginnings in your life in this period. Maybe you can start learning a new field and take your new experiences.
You can be spiritually deeper. In the abstract part of life, you will feel more relaxed, more coherent and more grown up spiritually and emotionally. Your bilateral relations are also harmonious.
Especially, around your birthday time, you will feel positive and happy. Your general health is good. This period will start a new twelve-year cycle in your life. Be careful about your future plans and make sure you spend the enough effort to make them real. Do not forget that you may be overconfident and it may cause you to miss some details.
Dear Sagittarius and rising Sagittarius, with the Jupiter’s 13 months’ journey in Scorpio from 10th of October 2017, you will connect with your inner world and your emotions more.
You will train yourself more about the spiritual dimension of life, religion or occultism. You will descend into the depths of your emotions. This is a year in which you will change your view on life by putting some new spiritual dimension into your life and developing yourself in a different way. You can also train yourself in these areas. Whatever you experience, it will bring along some positive developments.
In this period, you can feel more empathy and help people more. You are spiritually nutritive. This period may not show an expansion of the material, but your contribution to the spiritual dimension will be great. It’s time to take new steps to get rid of the issues that bothered you in the past.
Dear Capricorns and rising Capricorns, with the Jupiter’s 13 months’ journey in Scorpio from 10th of October 2017, you will be on the stage with the projects you will take a part together with your friends and groups.
In this period, you’ll see the full support of your friends. They are just beside you to show their support for your expansions of your present situation. At the same time, you will enter new environments and expand your social position. Bear in mind that new friends can give you new opportunities.
You are going to stand out in new projects or activities with the groups and you will come with new ideas. You are an idealist. You support your friends and they you. You can get new offers and shine in groups. Keep in mind that success will only come through a team effort.
Dear Aquarius and rising Aquarius with the Jupiter’s 13 months’ journey in Scorpio from 10th of October 2017, your career is reviving.
The star of Luck is with you to shine in front of the society, to increase your social statue and expand your reputation or to get promoted. To take advantage of this chance, you should do your best and evaluate this opportunity well. Do not forget that nothing comes easily.
Your confidence in yourself is extremely high and you can shine in your work, but do not let it turn into a high ego and create uncomfortable pressure on others. This behaviour may damage you in the long term.
Dear Pisces and rising Pisces, with the Jupiter’s 13 months’ journey in Scorpio from 10th of October 2017, you will be hosting Jupiter in his own house as another lucky zodiac sign for this year. Being in his own house will make him feel much more comfortable and he will show all his skills more fluently.
This period will reshape and transform your point of view of your life. You can completely get rid of your old prejudices and emotions that hinder your development. Your contact with foreigners will increase. You can travel more often to foreign countries. Be open to the concept of new.
Some Pisces will go to foreign countries for their spiritual development and will come back with brand-new perspectives. Philosophy, religion or metaphysics can be the areas you would focus on.  At the end of this period you may feel wiser and your view of the world may have changed completely.

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