With Jose Mourinho signing with Fenerbahçe Sports Club, the entire Fenerbahçe community is jubilant, and undoubtedly, excitement has come to the football arena. Are you curious about the birth chart of the globally renowned, successful, eccentric, and leader-like Jose Mourinho, and how he will fare in the 2024-2025 season?

Jose Mourinho is an unequivocal Aquarius! The two significant luminaries in his chart, the Sun and Moon, are placed in Aquarius and in the 1st house of his chart.

Born under the influence of a new moon, Mourinho is a true leader who loves innovations and courageous ventures. With Aquarius energy, he deeply understands team spirit. It’s almost as if he was born to establish and move with the team spirit.

Aquarius is known for its innovative, independent, and progressive mindset. It is a sign that defends the rights of others and acts with fairness. The placement of the Sun and Moon in Aquarius in Mourinho’s birth chart highlights his ability to think outside the box, strategic intelligence, and innovative approaches.

This is why it’s no surprise that Mourinho develops unique tactics and management styles in the football world and often exhibits a rebellious attitude that doesn’t waver from his beliefs.

His Ascendant and Mercury are in Capricorn!

Mourinho is incredibly hardworking, goal-oriented, serious, disciplined, responsible, and knows how to maintain distance. At the same time, he has a practical and logical mindset. His strategic planning and attention to details play a significant role in his success as a football manager. He has the character to push through and win even under limited budgets or tough conditions.

The Ascendant is about how we appear to the outside world and how others perceive us. Mourinho leaves an impression of being highly reliable, serious, and professional. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell when he’s joking!

The ruler of his Ascendant, Saturn, is also in the 1st house and conjunct with the Moon, which supports his innovative thinking, pushing traditional boundaries, and desire to contribute to social change. Specifically, Mourinho’s tactical innovations, practical and bold decisions, and unique approach in the football world are noteworthy.

Another standout energy in his chart is the placement of Mars in Leo, which shows his motivation, energy, and leadership qualities. This placement indicates that Mourinho is a charismatic leader who is highly confident and has strong control over his team.

Mars in Leo is motivated by being the center of attention, receiving appreciation, and putting on a great show. He channels his energy in a creative, flamboyant, and dramatic manner. He is a good and fatherly leader.

The retrograde position of Mars in Leo is closely related to ego control. While he appears confident and strong as a leader externally, under pressure and in stressful situations, he might struggle internally with managing and directing his energy. This can lead to highly competitive or harsh behavior.

Occasionally, we might see Mourinho lose control or react impulsively, but actually, he’s struggling internally to keep himself in check, constantly questioning his leadership abilities, and criticizing himself much more than he shows outwardly.

In summary, the combinations in Mourinho’s chart indicate a highly strategic and creative ‘special one’ leader. Best wishes to the Fenerbahçe community and Turkish football.

So, how will Mourinho perform in 2024-2025?

Firstly, the one-year transit of Jupiter in Gemini signifies a period of growth opportunities, positivity, and luck for Mourinho, who has the Sun, Moon, and Saturn in Aquarius.

We can expect an increase in his self-confidence, feeling strong and enthusiastic. This motivation is likely to lead to positive outcomes, appreciation, and steps towards innovations that will broaden his horizons.

Particularly with the Jupiter-Saturn contact, he will act more determined and disciplined to achieve his goals. Thus, he might implement significant and innovative structural changes at Fenerbahçe.

Additionally, the positive aspect between the ruler of his career house, Mars, and transit Jupiter supports him in positively and motivatedly demonstrating his leadership and being competitive. It indicates a period where he feels physically energetic and dynamic. His motivation and ego will increase, enhancing his determination to push all limits towards his goals.

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Astrologer Işıl Nolan

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