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When it comes to love and relationships in astrology, the planet Venus is the one that comes to mind. The sign, house, and aspects of Venus in our individual charts provide significant information about our relationships, expectations from love, and how our relationships progress in the long term.

Venus is related to the pleasure we get from life and love. An individual with a strong Venus in their chart knows what they want and how to make the right choices. Life tends to bring them people who will make them happy. For instance, a person with Venus in Libra is a master in forming relationships. They are very successful in finding balance, creating harmony, and practicing diplomacy. In their relationships, they are polite, understanding, and compatible. If this Venus receives positive aspects, they encounter similar people and form long-term relationships.

In a man’s chart, Venus provides important information about the nature of the woman in his life or who she will be. For example, let’s consider Venus in the 6th house and in Virgo. In this case, we can say that the person has a high potential to meet their life partner at work. This partner might be hardworking, detail-oriented, and analytical.

In women’s charts, the position of Mars, in addition to Venus, is quite significant. Especially the position of Mars in a woman’s chart can provide information about her partner’s zodiac sign. For instance, if Mars is in the 11th house and in Aries, this suggests that she might find her partner in social settings or communities and that this person will be a leader, a risk-taker, and a pioneer with Aries characteristics.

If Venus is under pressure in your natal chart, that is, if it receives harsh aspects, is retrograde, or is in a house where it is not comfortable, you may struggle to get what you want from your relationships. Consequently, you may have to work harder and put in more effort, and you might find it difficult to realize your true worth. All these topics might have entered your life through experiences during childhood. The important thing is to recognize the fateful circle that has continued since childhood and break out of it.

In astrology, while marriage and happiness are closely related to Venus, the 7th house and its ruler, the aspects the ruler receives, and the planets within the 7th house provide important information about the timing, potential, and future of marriage.

For instance, if a person’s 7th house is in Aquarius, the position and aspects of Saturn and Uranus will be noteworthy. This person desires freedom in relationships. They want to connect with their partner on an intellectual level. Logic and stability are important. If Saturn is in Scorpio, they will need much more passionate and deep relationships.

The planets within the 7th house provide information about the state of the marriage, the details of the relationship, and its future. For instance, a person with Uranus in the 7th house might have multiple marriages or experience many unexpected and surprising developments in their relationship. The position of Mars in this house indicates that conflicts and disagreements may occur frequently and/or the relationship is always dynamic and energetic. The position of Venus, Jupiter, or the Part of Fortune in this house suggests a high potential for lucky and happy relationships.

When answering the question of when you will get married, the positive aspects received by the 7th house, its ruler, Venus, and the Moon should be carefully examined. For example, every year in our charts, one house (life area) receives much more emphasis. The years when the 7th house or the house where the ruler of the 7th house is located receives emphasis are especially important. In a woman’s chart, the years when transiting Jupiter conjuncts natal Mars, or in a man’s chart, the years when transiting Jupiter conjuncts natal Venus or the Moon, come to the forefront.

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