We reap what we sow!

Pisces full moon which will be very close to Neptune will trigger the endings and the new beginnings for many of us !
Virgo and Pisces line is related with sacrifice, hard work, effort and healing in astrology.  The motto of these two signs in life is ‘Serving for others’.  Virgo is famous for by going down to details, looking for perfection and using his/her logic in the first place, on the other hand pisces ignores his/her own priorities for the sake of loved ones. They use their intuition and help others constantly.
Virgo represents the 6th house of the astrological chart which related to daily work, duties, details and concrete facts. Details are more dominant for Virgos rather than to looking at the whole picture especially when they are too busy in their daily routine.

Pisces, on the other hand, represents the 12th house of the astrological chart, literally abstract truths and being whole.  Divine powers, emotions and intuitions dominate this area.  Since Pisces does not like to encounter concrete facts, they have a strong tendency to run away and surrender themselves to the realm of dreams.  Therefore, themes such as deception, pretending as if, self-deception are the prominent shadow aspects of Pisces.

 The Pisces full moon occuring on September 10th will be pointing to these issues. The truths that we have ignored for a long time or that have been hidden from us will come to light. While the concrete facts of Virgo give a big wake up also will bring the big concrete steps together with.
The full moon conjucts with the planet Neptune with a 6 degree orb, although it is not very close, it still has effects that will increase the emotional intensity and deception energies.  Therefore, the need to review the facts much more carefully! Pisces full moon will be all about falling apart, accepting and sacrificing.
The positive effects of Uranus and the North node during the full moon will trigger the surprises and unexpected events, however challenging, will open a new page for us.  Especially the energy of the North Node, which is related to karma, will bring renewal and important changes in destiny.  In short, we will be taking steps to heal our souls!
 The ruling planet of the Full Moon, Jupiter, is in Aries and retrograde!  Jupiter is the planet of astrology that distributes abundance and good fortune also represents ethics, morality and justice.  In this case, Jupiter will be judging the ones who were unethical, unfair and dishonest in their behavior in the past.  In other words, it is time to reap what you sow.  

Mercury retrograde will be another important indicator during the full moon.  Mercury, which will begin its retrograde at 8 degrees of Libra on the full moon day, will draw attention to relationships and partnerships.  It will indicate that the reckoning will be related to those in general.  When we think that Libra is also about rights, law and justice, the cases where justice is manifested will attract attention.
As in every Mercury retrograde, it will be beneficial to save time by carefully examining existing issues instead of starting something completely new. In particular, it is useful to pay extra attention to the 10 days after the full moon, as the Pisces energy will point to the disintegration of the issues and the hiding of the facts.
Finally, it is worth mentioning that the square angle that Mars makes with the 6-degree orb cannot be denied.  The position of Mars can increase verbal tensions, nervous ups and downs.  Especially around September 22-23-24th !
Worlwide, the full moon will have an effect on the seas, heavy rains and floods.  Also, tension between the countries over the seas can draw attention. Other than that the religions and religious people, pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare industry might get some attention! 
Aries and ascendant Aries
Hidden truths may come to light.  This period is for healing yourself spritualy.  Also, it is time to help others.  You can make sacrifices.  You might need to take care of your health.
Taurus and Ascendant Taurus
There are positive energies for you!  There may be opportunities in social environment and you find solutions to the ongoing tides in your circle of friends.  You can also come to an agreement on matters concerning your income.  It is important to be clear and honest in order not to be misunderstood in groups and in your circle of friends.
 Gemini and rising Gemini
It is a period for some important news in your career.  You are likely to be overly idealistic or dreamy.  These are the times when you have to pay close attention to the details if you have to sign any agreement.  Beware of misunderstandings or deceptions.
 Cancer and rising Cancers
Your dreams are at the forefront, you may want to take steps that will change your life.  The full moon energy is very supportive of you.  During this time, issues related to forwign countries, foreigners and traveling may come to the fore.  You may want to start a new education or learn a language.  You may experience some uncertainties about travels!  Being realistic can be difficult.
 Leo and rising Leos
Your area of ​​joint earnings attracts attention!  Loan applications, banking transactions, payments, your income and expense accounts, your spouse or partner’s income, alimony, inheritance and surgeries will take place your agenda.  Take extra care when making decisions, especially if there are issues that require signature.  A full moon that will allow quite a lot to be deceived or miss important things!

Virgo and rising Virgos
The full moon will be affecting you very strongly in the field of marriage, partnerships, bilateral relations and contracts.  It will be a full moon for conclusions and important decisions regarding these matters.  It is very important to pay attention to the details for those who will have to sign.
 Libra and rising Libra
There are some endings and new beginnings on the agenda regarding your business life, working conditions and your colleagues.  You may want to be lazy in your daily work, but you are in a period where you need to pay attention to details.  It is a time of misunderstanding and deception.  At the same time, there may be new decisions and steps related to your health and diet.
 Scorpio and rising Scorpio
As a water sign, the full moon will effect you  on a positive way.  For many Scorpios, there are important endings and beginnings in their relationships.  You can take new steps in your love life.  Issues related to your children are on the agenda.  Hobbies that will strengthen their creativity can be on the agenda of both you and your children.
Sagittarius and rising Sagittarius
It is a period when your family life and your home enviroment will get the attention.  You are trying to balance your home and work life.  It is a very open period for misunderstandings between the family members!  Situations may arise where you need to take care of your parents. If you are  buying or selling a house, land, or renovating your house please pay close attention to details.  It is a perion which you need to be careful against fraud and deception!
Capricorn and Capricorn rising
Signing a contracts, trading and deals with ongoing clients are triggering in your favor, dear Capricorns.  Please pay attention to the details as Mercury retrograde is active during this period.  Starting a new education, travels, any initiative that supports written and verbal communication will be on your agenda.  During this time, your communication and networking will be quite high. Also you can hear some positive news from your siblings or close relations about their lives.
 Aquarius and rising Aquarius
Issues concerning your earnings, expenses and budget will come to the fore.  You might be thinking to investment or buying something.  During this period, I recommend that you pay attention to your bank accounts and passwords.  You are in a period open to scams.
 Pisces and rising Pisces
You are on the verge of important decisions about yourself, dear Pisces!  Your bilateral relations are particularly noteworthy.  Entering a new era, taking sudden steps, making decisions and high motivation will be the main themes of this time.  During this period, you may feel overly idealistic and optimistic.  It is useful not to ignore the facts and to pay attention to your own priorities.

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